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Documenting Mathias Goeritz


Commissioned to photograph the works of Mathias Goeritz for the Ministry of Culture of Jalisco. 

Architect and artist Mathias Goeritz was an intriguing figure who captivated the attention and sympathy of the creative modernist movements of mid century México.

It was Ignacio Dias Morales, the founder of the architecture school of Guadalajara, who invited Mathiaz to teach in the university. They had meet in Granada, Spain in 1949 and three years later the german architect stablished in Mexico City.


It was in México that Matiaz found the way to create he´s most awarded work. Sculptures, paint, architecture, collaborations and friendship.  His pieces are consistently bold, clear and simple.


He is a visual thinker, and he has the ability to expres ideas that are almost archetypal. The artist´s explorations in the school of Altamira, Spain, are still very present.


This photographs document the most important collection of his works, currently held by the  Hospicio Cabañas Cultural Institute.

Portada Mathias Goeritz
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